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Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is Fiberpro Network Services LLC's specialty. We are proud to use the latest top of the line drills. It's our philosophy that with good equipment it makes all bores possible. Fiberpro Network Services LLC directional drills on all types of projects including water, electric, sewer, fiber, and long haul fiber.


We provide trenching for underground utilities but not limited to water, electric, and all communications lines. We take all means into account to make other utilities safe while performing our task. Once finished our cleanup is impeccable.

Fiber Pulling

Fiber pulling is a delicate operation that we take serious. We have the capability of pulling or blowing fiber in depending on our clientele. Not only do we pull fiber but we also proof existing duct runs with air driven mandrels or pushing rodders.


We provide a utility locating service capable of locating all telecommunications lines, electric and water. Our locater is certified through UTA (Utility Training Academy) and has over 10 years of experience.


Just like our trenching service we take every precaution before pre-ripping the ground to place the utility were installing. Once pre-ripped ripped we run the plow back through placing the conduit to depth specified by our customers.