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Our Vision

The common failing among companies seeking new business is their ability or unwillingness to name what they stand for.

Fiberpro Network Services LLC defines its positioning telling the market that we are a underground solutions company that is proud to be good at few things, and not in all things.

Being honest with clients, saying that we are really good at what we set out to be and say that we will not do something we are not able to deliver an excellent result, it makes Fiberpro Network Services LLC different from any other company on the market that says it does a bit of everything and still says it does better than others.

Our motto is to provide a highly quality service, creating valued and durable relationships reaching mutual satisfaction in every single work.

Because of that we can say proudly that our values are based on:




To be prepared to follow all the safety requirements, taking continuous action to ensure a safe work environment for employees, subcontractors and public.


To take continuous action to provide good services at competitive prices.


To develop and maintain a corporate culture of environmental stewardship, recognizing the environment as a valuable resource, managing it wisely and taking the responsibility to preserve it for future generations.


To follow honest and transparent business principles in all that we do.



To take responsibility to lead every person who is part of the team in the accurate fulfillment of the client’s wishes.



To seek out continually opportunities to be challenged and to grow.



To take pride on all achievements, celebrating our success.